Fancy Dress

In the last few years we’ve had themes of:

P – pirates, peas, princesses, police, pilots, punk-rockers

U – we skipped because it was too hard!

R – robots, rabbits, lots of Rubik’s cubes, Russian dolls

B – batman/girl, bats, bunnies, beetles, brownies, brides,

E – elephants, Egyptians, elves, English breakfast, emus

C – cats, crustaceans, crackers, criminals, Christmas

K – knaves, knights, kings, kettles, kangaroos, kittens…

V – vampires, vikings, victorians, velociraptors,

A – ants, aardvarks, Alice in Wonderland, Avengers, aliens, animals, archers

– leopards, lions, lobsters, lederhosen, lambs, lovers

This year will be the letter Y – think Yoda, Yoshi, yoyos, yolks, yams, or anything yellow! (It’s a hard one!)

There will be prizes for:

the best fancy-dressed big person,

the best fancy-dressed little person,

and the best fancy dressed team.

The Fancy Dress competition takes place on Saturday – we’ll all gather together at the Fire Stage in the afternoon to see what fantastic ideas we’ve come up with this year!