Environmental Issues

At Purbeck Valley Folk Festival it is our policy to reuse and recycle as much as possible to avoid over-consumption of resources. It has been a part of both our production and construction planning to reuse materials. In the last two years we invested more and more on reusing and recycling materials, decorations, equipment and all other infrastructures. A lot of our materials for decoration and children’s craft activities come from Dorset Scrapstore.

Since 2015 we have reduced our carbon footprint in having storage on the festival site, so no travel costs.

We look to source our tradesmen, materials, suppliers and equipment from the local area where possible.


We used to try and separate our recyclables at the festival, but it turns out that we (and by that, we mean ‘you’) are not very good at it! We always ended up with recycling bins with bits of rubbish, or contaminated with food waste etc. We now take all of our mixed waste to a recycling plant where the litter and recyclable materials are separated and sent in the right direction. This is more expensive for us, but it works better.

Upon entry to the festival site we provide black bin bags for your rubbish. Please leave them next to the large bins just before you leave the site.