Festival Guidelines

On this page we are trying to give some idea of the kind of atmosphere we’d like to see at the festival.

Enjoyment and Respect

It’s all about enjoyment of the place and the music and respect for musicians and audience.

Enjoy This Beautiful Place

The festival farm enjoys fabulous views across the Purbeck Hills.

Respect The Musicians

We want artists to choose to play this festival because of the attentive audience. Please don’t sit within the barns reading books or the papers when artists are performing. It is disrespectful to artists and there are many other people who would like to get closer to see an artist, if the one performing isn’t a favourite of yours.


Please collect your rubbish and help us keep this beautiful farm clean! We supply you with black bin bags at arrival to the festival, please do use them. There are also bins situated all over the festival site.

We used to try and separate our recyclables at the festival, but it turns out that we (and by that, we mean ‘you’) are not very good at it! We always ended up with recycling bins that were contaminated with food waste etc. We now take all of our mixed waste to a recycling plant where the litter and recyclable materials are separated and sent in the right direction. This is more expensive for us, but it works better.

Cars and Parking

Driving on site should be dead slow – 5mph. Vehicle movement will be restricted during the festival.

Play Music Yourself!

We love the spontaneous music and sessions around the site, in the campsites and on the open stages. Bring your acoustic instruments and please start sessions or sign up for Open Stage.

Get Involved!

There are music workshops and sessions plus opportunities to play on stage and elsewhere. Kids and young people also have music, craft, sessions and activities especially for them.

Treat Your Fellow Festival-Goers with Consideration

Please don’t obscure people’s views; or talk loudly over quiet music; or block off seats or spaces and leave them unoccupied while musicians are performing.


While it is great to have songs and music round our tents, please refrain from excessive noise such as amplified music.

Quiet camping

One area of the tent camping field is to be designated as a quiet field – we ask you to respect the other festival-goers in being quiet in this area and close to this area.


Dogs are not allowed into the festival area except for guide dogs.

Camp Fires

No fires in the camping fields.


The bar is open more or less all the time that the arena is open. We politely ask you not to bring your own alcohol into the stage and bar area due to licensing and health and safety consideration.


Showers will be available on the campsite.


Water is available from standpipes around the campsite.

Emergency Contact

For medical emergencies or excessive noise pollution, festival director Catherine Burke is the best point of contact. Her mobile is 07776 191951

Photography and Recording – of main stage acts

Some musicians have in their contracts, clauses which require the festival organisers to prevent photographic, video and audio recording of their performance. MCs will advise audience where this affects photography.

Photography – in general of performers

Would people taking photographs of musicians on stage, please do so unobtrusively and, in particular, avoid excessive or overpowering use of flash.