This year we have a great selection of food stalls to get your mouth watering including:
Stone baked pizza, Crepes, Venison burgers, Bunnychow (chilli in a loaf of bread), Thai food, Momo Hut (Dim Sum), Grilled cheese sandwiches, Donuts, Kara’s Vegan Supper Club, a breakfast stall in the campsite, and a couple of coffee stalls. 


We love real ale and cider at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival. And we’ve always given you a huge choice of beers – but it did always work out that there weren’t as many available as we hoped, and sometimes it’s more about quality than quantity. We’ve taken your feedback onboard and have decided to select fewer beers this year and have them more consistently available. We’ve been working with our best local breweries to bring you a delicious selsection of real ales. We still have a great selection of ciders including Purbeck Cider Company’s Dorset Draft, and whole load of different scrumpies and fruity ciders. And for those of you hard of tasting we have a cold fizzy lager beer for you to drink. You don’t need to know which – they all taste the same anyway!