Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the festival be going ahead?
A: Yes! And it will be a whole lot safer than any football/tennis match or nightclub!

Q: Will we need to take a lateral flow test to enter?
A: This isn’t currently a rule, but we’re putting our policy together as we type (and you read this). It definitely won’t hurt to stock up on some Lateral Flow Tests. You can order them for free from the NHS here… – it doesn’t hurt to have them in stock just in case you do need one.

Q: Will we need to socially distance / stay in our bubbles?
A: You don’t have to – but please remember that it’s not all about you! We are remaining cautious – and no matter what your position, there will be someone else more blasé, and someone else far more cautious. We want everyone to feel safe so please be ware that your actions affect others’ enjoyment. Let’s all look after each other!
We’re lucky to have a massive site – we have space. If you want to keep socially distant, we have plenty of space!

Q: Will there be a ceilidh / barn dance?
A: Yes! Some people are more than happy to dance with others, but some aren’t. Our ceilidh callers have become well used to calling for solo/duo dances over lockdown. If you were at our Zoom ceilidh last August you’ll know exactly how much fun it can be wiggling and spinning without a partner! Hopefully we’ll be able to cater for everyone.

Where are my tickets? I can’t find my ticket confirmation email?
As of our 2022 festival our tickets will be sold through a company called Easol. When you purchase your Purbeck Valley Folk Festival 2022 tickets you will be asked to create an Easol account (if you don’t already have one). You will enter your email address and create a password. To access your tickets, head to Easol and enter your login details to find your tickets. Login to your Easol account by clicking here

Will tickets be available on the gate?
Possibly, probably, who knows! If tickets don’t sell out before hand, they will be available on the gate. The best way to make sure that you get a ticket, is to buy it online now! You have until 10am Thursday morning. After that, any tickets left will be available on the gate.

Are you going to cancel the festival due to bad weather?
No chance! It’s not a storm, and we’re not surfing. The forecast really isn’t too bad. Grab your rain mac (that you may need for the odd shower over the weekend) and come and have some fun!

Is there public transport to the festival?
Yes, there are trains to Wareham, and from there a new ‘Breezer 30’ bus towards Swanage, which drops off right outside the festival site at Harman’s Cross.

I have a Friday ticket, please can I come in on Thursday evening?
No! Thursday evening is just for those who have full weekend tickets.

What is the difference between the different types of tickets?

There is no difference between the different types other than the price. The sooner you buy the cheaper the tickets will be for you, so BUY NOW!

Where can I get Information on site?

The event programme has all the information about the festival but we do have an army of stewards who help us, many of them are regulars so should be able to help with most enquiries. In the main yard there is an information trailer where you will always find a helpful person.

What and how do I recycle?

We used to try and separate our recyclables at the festival, but it turns out that we (and by that, we mean ‘you’) are not very good at it! We always ended up with recycling bins with bits of rubbish, or contaminated with food waste etc. We now take all of our mixed waste to a recycling plant where the litter and recyclable materials are separated and sent in the right direction. This is more expensive for us, but it works better.

Are there day tickets?

Day tickets will be released in the new year, subject to availability.

Can I camp with a day ticket?

Yes you can. Day camping is in front of the day camping car park only. We ask you to leave by midday the following day. We charge £5 per person, per day for tent camping, or £15 per van.

Can I bring a caravan, van or live-in vehicle onto the site?

Yes you can, you will need to buy a Full weekend ticket plus a van pass. If you have not yet bought a van pass, you can do so on the gate when you arrive.

When the vehicle is parked we ask that it is not driven until the event finishes. If it’s a caravan, when sited, we ask that if the car is to be moved over the 3 days, it is returned to the car park. WHY? It’s all about safety, as we get more people coming to the festival the risks with moving vehicles and parked vehicles increase.

Can I park my car next to my tent?

We have a ‘tent only’ field with a roped off bays. Cars park around the outside of the bays and you can set up camp in the middle. This is because everyone wants to park next to their camp and it means the maximum number of people can do this.

Are there showers on the site?

Yes there are showers, they are situated between the tent only camping, and family camping.

Where do I dispose of my chemical waste?

The van / caravan field has an Elsan tank for chemical waste.

Is there a quiet place to camp or park my caravan?

The further you away you camp from the festival, the quieter it’ll be for you. There is plenty of room and it will be easy to find space away from the noisier campers.There is a family camping area which is usually quieter in the evenings, but can be noisier in the mornings!

Can I camp onsite earlier than Thursday eve?

No, we are sorry but the site is not ready, and needs to be passed fit for use by the local authority. There are plenty of other campsites nearby that will accommodate you until the festival. The closest is Woodyhyde campsite which is literally across the road.

Is there disabled camping available?

There is an area close to the main festival arena. You will need to register with us for this as you will require a specific pass. This cannot be done on the day. Find out more information on our ‘Disabled Festival Goers‘ page. 

Where are the disabled toilets? 

There are disabled toilets throughout the festival site.

Will there be catering in the camping fields?

Yes there is an outlet for drinks & breakfast, positioned in the middle of the camping fields next to the showers. There will be breakfast served in the festival site too.

Is there first aid available onsite?

Yes there is first aid onsite in the main yard. They have a 4×4 vehicle to get into the fields. Also all of the SIA security have first aid qualifications. If you have an emergency its best to speak to a security guard with a radio and they can call for assistance.

Where should we camp if we are a large group?

If you are planning to have late nights and late mornings then speak to us, you have to stick to the festival T&C’s but we have a space where you can enjoy your experience without troubling others. Also in the morning you won’t have too much noise to disturb your sleep.

We also have a Settlements camping area – this is for the people that want to camp with their friends. If there are more than 10 of you in a group, and we can reserve a settlement space for you, apply here. We still need you to be fairly quiet at night time; no wild parties, no amplified music, and not too loud late on – we don’t want to upset the neighbours.

Can I bring Alcohol to the festival?

You can bring alcohol onto the campsite for your own consumption. Alcohol cannot be sold at the event. Alcohol cannot be brought into the licensed area of the event. This is where you will be asked for your wristband. Purbeck Valley Folk Festival are responsible for the supply of music and alcohol within the event area this must be controlled under the rules of the licence.

Can my car be kept beside the caravan in the campervan/caravan field?

Yes, there is space for one car to be parked beside or in front of the caravan. However, any other member of your party arriving separately by car will need to park in the car park.

Can I bring my trailer tent?

Yes, as long as it is a purpose-built, manufacturer-made trailer tent.

Can I bring a winnebago or extra large caravan?

Yes. However, you will need to work with the stewards as they need to position you and keep fire lanes etc.

Will I be able to put up an awning? Can I sleep under the awning?

Yes, manufacturers awnings are acceptable and can be slept in.

How will I know where to place my campervan/caravan/towing car/awning/tent in the field?

Stewards will be on hand in the campervan fields to advise on siting vehicles. It is not possible to reserve a specific area – space is allocated on a first come first served basis. Caravans, their towing cars and campervans will be parked in rows, with a 4 metre fire road between the rows. Each pitch will be 7 metres wide by 8 metres long. For any vehicle longer than 8 metres it will be necessary to purchase two caravan/campervan tickets, to cover the extra space required.

Can I bring a generator?

No. Absolutely no generators are to be brought on site.

How do our friends gain access to the campervan fields if they travel separately? 

If your friends are arriving separately to your campervan or caravan they will not be able to gain vehicular access to the campervan fields (as only one car is permitted on the pitch). They will need to park in the car park and carry or wheel their gear over to you.

What facilities are provided in the campervan/caravan fields?

Water, waste-water containers, toilets, and a great view.

Is electricity available?

There is no electricity provided for field users. Woodyhyde campsite is literally across the road, so there are camping pitches with electric hook-ups for those of you who wish to camp 2 minutes walk away. Please get in touch with Woodyhyde and book your pitches separately.

Is there a cash machine on site?

There are no cash machines on site. However, just down the road in Harman’s Cross there is a SPAR convenience store where you will be able to access a cash machine. And just past that, there is also a BP garage / Londis. Whilst some of our food stalls accept card payments, the majority do not. Please be prepared to pay cash.