These guys are absolutely brilliant. We saw them playing up at Celtic Connections in Glasgow years ago, and then bumped into them at a party in Knoxville Tennessee, and all the while trying to get them to Purbeck… and now they’re coming! They’ve toured the UK a lot and have built up quite a following with those people that don’t mind mixing their old timey and bluegrass!
And this is what they same about themselves.

  1. We like to play music, stringband music. We call it stringband music because it’s just too tedious to try and get into whether it’s old time, bluegrass, ragtime, country, or general freakout music.
  2. We have done so since 2002, mostly based out of Richmond, VA.
  3. We’ve been lots of places, including all throughout the USA, the UK, Ireland, and a little piece of Europe.
  4. We like to: play fast, be funny, spasm, herk and jerk, eat exotic and frightening things, and ride in a van.

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