The artist formerly known as Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, is coming to Purbeck!!!!
Sam Duckworth has rebranded himself and is now RECREATIONS. And he’s better than ever and will fit in perfectly to our Purbeck vibe.

Catherine says – the first time I heard GCWCF live, I was trying to get into Glastonbury and it had taken so long to queue up to get in, that I was going to miss him. I was pretty ticked off. I was carrying my camping stuff across a field cursing because I was going to missed him, and then, War of the Worlds floated into my ears. Luckily (with the size of Glastonbury) the closest stage to the one we were parked in and carrying stuff across, was the very stage GCWCF was playing on. So I didn’t see him, but I did hear him – and he was great! If only I could go back in time and whisper into my younger-self ear that one day he’d be coming to Purbeck…!