Twice BBC Folk Award nominated, Gilmore & Roberts have gone from strength to strength since they last played for us at Purbeck 2012 – and of course, Katriona Gilmore was part of Rosie Doonan’s band that played at the very first Purbeck Folk Festival way back in 2009.

They’ve just released their is the fourth album, Conflict Tourism. Following a year of touring in mainland Europe, Canada, and their native Britain, Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts noticed a common thread running through their latest crop of original songs. Conflict, whether an internal struggle between positive and negative, or a healthy body and a disease, is an everyday phenomenon.

Having already made a name for themselves on the UK acoustic circuit, Gilmore & Roberts are known as much for their exceptionally dynamic live show as they are for their prize-winning songs. With international tours and a formidable new album newly wedged under their belts, the duo are racing from strength to strength. Pay no attention to tour guides who read from the script – these two speak from the heart.

We are delighted to have them back to Purbeck.

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