Campervan passes are now £30. Here’s why…

In previous years we have charged only £10 for camper vans, this covered the cost of having Elsan points to empty toilet waste into. Unfortunately the van field cost us a fortune last year. Tent camping was no problem, hardly any cars needed towing, but where campervans were in and out of the fields, the ground was seriously churned up. The ground has had to be reseeded and we have had to take the hit on it. That’s not a problem, but we need to make sure we don’t lose money in that area again. So, we need to make allowances for paying for trackway, and/or paying to sort the land out again in the future.

Other festivals charge a lot more money for campervan passes than us.
Some cost £60 or more for van passes. Other festivals charge a camping fee of £25 per person whether you have a van or not. We’re trying to keep our prices as low and fair as possible.

We feel that we do pretty well and are better value than festivals of similar size and line-up.

Also, if you buy your ticket now at the absolute cheapest price, it’s much better value than any other similar festival – even with the van pass.