Wareham Whalers

Sunday 18th August 2024
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This year is the 20th anniversary for the Wareham Whalers. We enjoy singing a wide range of shanties, songs of the sea as well as a number of songs composed by members of our crew. We adopt the style that sailors would have used nearly 200 hundred years ago when working. So we sing with no accompaniment and where appropriate put in the stresses that would have signalled a pull on the heavy ropes.

Whilst singing we raise money for local charities including the RNLI, regularly singing for their lifeboat naming ceremonies at their headquarters in Poole. We enjoy performing our own concerts and have five this year raising money for the RNLI in their 200th year. We love singing at festivals both in this country and in France. We also enjoy putting on workshops to explain the origins and practical uses of shanties and simply getting other people involved and interested.


Wareham Whalers image. 11 members of Wareham Whalers all stood outdoors, next to a docked orange lifeboat. They are all wearing matching blue jumpers that have the Wareham Whalers logo on it.