Thom Ashworth


Having ‘arrived’ on the folk scene barely a year ago, Thom Ashworth has already made a name for himself, getting wide airplay on specialist radio shows, and receiving generous praise for Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, including best EP of 2017 on BBC Radio Merseyside’s Folkscene:

‘Adventurous, exciting, and highly effective.’ – fRoots

‘Once you’ve heard him, you won’t forget that superb tenor voice or the unique sound the tracks on this EP have to offer.’ – Folk Radio UK

‘My favourite EP of the year…it’s innovative, it’s subtle, it’s atmospheric, it merits a much bigger stage.’ – Mike Brocken, Folkscene BBC Merseyside

Thom’s chosen instrument, the acoustic bass guitar, is a unique instrumental voice within the folk sphere. Accompanying his powerful tenor voice with looping, percussive, and chordal playing, he creates a sonorous new hybrid, with equal parts acoustic guitar and double bass combining into something different from either.

His forward thinking approach to British traditional music has made waves on the live circuit too. He’s shared stages with Lankum, Ewan McLennan, Lisa Knapp, Jim Causley, and Paul Sartin, and is already booked to open for Chris Wood, and again for Lankum and for Ewan McLennan in 2018.