The Model Folk

Thursday 17th & Sunday 20th August 2023

The Model Folk are a six-piece band, hailing from the deepest darkest reaches of North Somerset. Their sound is an eclectic cocktail of influences that could loosely fit in the folk canon. Live shows are full of self-deprecating humour, romance, pathos, audience engagement and interaction; this creates an intimacy which feels more akin to a family get together than a gig; with tunes such as Nipples for Men and Naked in The Kitchen, their aim is to get everyone smiling and tapping their feet. The music is created with clarinet wizardry, trumpets, trombones & accordion; topped off with epic harmonies; with influences from The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Curtis Eller, Frank Zappa, Robyn Hitchcock, Ani DiFranco, Cardiacs, Tom Waits, Beirut, Fiona Apple, Bob Marley, Glitzy Bag Hags, John Martyn and many others but sounding like none of them. As one recent gig attendee said to the band “you may go not knowing the songs, but you end up wondering why on earth you hadn’t known them all your life!”

The band have played festival slots at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, Folk on The Quay and Sidmouth Folk Festival where they played a guerrilla set in a butcher’s shop.  They have also played impromptu sets on various trains on the Swanage Railway released an EP in 2013 called Travelling at The Speed of Cattle, An Album in 2015 Called The Great Pedants’ Revolt and Their latest album Houses For Little Horses in March 2018 on Diabetic Horse Records.