Steve Perry


Steve Perry, is a talented and original guitarist who plays with that special bit of magic and fire. With a big presence both on and off stage, Steve knows how to get your attention. This year, Steve will be performing as a trio and will be joined by two very talented musicians and great friends, Simon Whitbread on drums/percussion, and Paul Keeley on bass guitar. 

Steve had to “pull some strings” to get a set together for the festival. This will be the 1st time in 6 years that these musicians are re-united due to living in different countries. Together, these players are set to take you on a musical journey, exploring soundscapes with echoes of Americana, Blues, Rock and Soul. Expect a loose, colourful and free-spirited show with lots of improvisation! Steve will do his best to present his most “folky” set, However, watch out for one or two “screaming” guitar moments, folks! 

Steve also provides the amazing guitar amps for the festival!
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