Saturday Sun


Saturday Sun hail from Dorset and make music that is at once “delicate and demanding” – Daytrotter. It washes over you subtly like the tide slowly creeping in or the warmth of the sun on your back. Yet there’s twists and turns, a building sense of urgency, a raw edge in each song. And a sense of power, weaved into the vocals – sometimes angelic in their falsetto, at times a gravelly near-roar of emotion.

Their name, taken from the Nick Drake song, will wield comparisons, but Saturday Sun’s mix of folk, rock and psychedelia lays more with John Martyn or the early work of Pink Floyd. Saturday Sun create a sound that is as mesmerising and intricate plugged-in as it is stripped back and acoustic. It’s a sound that hints of americana, folk, rock, blues, even grunge influences all melted into a sound that is pure Saturday Sun.

In April, Saturday Sun released their debut ‘Seagull EP’ of four tracks on Lazy Butterfly Records, aided by iTunes placing it on their homepage as a recommended record. The title track won a coveted Q Track of the Day and a place on the soundtrack of forthcoming film House on the End of the Street. In addition the band were promptly invited to record sessions for Daytrotter, Crypt and Watch, Listen, Tell – the latter receiving over 11,000 hits in 1 week.