Rory McLeod & the Familiar Strangers


Rory is a musical Gypsy, his eccentric melodies are infused with influences from Flamenco to blues, through to Celtic, East European and Calypso rhythms creating a style of music and songwriting that has been described as ‘intimate, revealing, political and powerful’. He not only plays harmonica, guitar, spoons and trombone as part of a ‘roaming’ horn section at festivals, playing his tunes in the middle of fields, outside bars, tents and ‘blowing along’ as a horn section with whoever would invite them to.

‘Rory McLeod & The Familiar Strangers’ present Rory McLeod’s songs in a fresh and exciting new musical environment and bring a musical depth and range to compliment Rory’s outstanding talents as wordsmith and to match his engaging and earthy performing qualities:

Rory has performed with many other well known musicians including, from the USA Ani Di Franco and Michelle Shocked, Towns Van Zandt, from West Africa Ali Farke Toure, from San Antonio Flaco Jiminez, from Morocco Hassan Erraji, from Madagascar Tarika, Paul Rodden- virtuoso of the Irish 5-string banjo and from Northumbria Kathryn Tickell to name but a few!

He has toured and played with Australian Aboriginal songwriter Kev Carmody, with Texan songwriters Butch Hancock and Jimmy Dale Gilmour and Donegal’s Pyrotechnicos.
Rory is a generous, hardworking, lyrical performer – whose mission is to carve new roads, keep memory alive, and to take his audience on a journey – emotionally, physically and musically on large and small stages. Rory is an enduring and internationally popular performer.

The Familiar Strangers are –
Bob Morgan – Clarinet, Saxophone
Diego Laverde Rojas – Columbian Harp
Rory McLeod – Voice, Guitar, Tap Shoes, Harmonica, Spoons, Trombone
Richard Sadler – Double Bass
‘when the Familiar Strangers hit their stride their blend of world folk styles was infectious…’