Richard Navarro


Evocative and uplifting, the music of Richard Navarro takes the folk traditions of melody and storytelling and supercharges them through live looping and improvisation. Epic, soaring vocals combine with punchy, post-folk arrangements of songs that combine lyricism and sharp social commentary with violins, keyboards, infectious bass lines and driving percussion.

Richard performs in a duo at the festival.

In 2016, Richard will launch a new collection of songs at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury before touring to venues and festivals across the UK.
The duo’s live show features extraordinary visuals including illustrations and animations by bassist Nicholas, specially written for the songs. Last year’s release,’Seabirds’, caught the attention of BBC6’s James Robins, who describes it as ‘wondrously catchy’ combining ‘elements of folk and jazz with a sprinkling of magic to create an off-kilter mix of gorgeous weirdness.’

Following airplay on BBC6 Music and Radio 2, the song caught the attention of radio programmers across Mexico, Australia, Japan, the US, British Forces Radio. In September 2015 Richard premiered ‘Lamplighters’ at Wise Words Festival. This was a collaborative project with Magic Lanternist Jeremy Brooker, with songs by Richard and Nicholas set to the extraordinary visuals of the Victorian Magic Lantern.