Friday 16th August 2024

Rholben’s interpretations of the traditional music of Wales are full of tenderness, wit, and deep emotion. The sublime voice of Siriol Davies is backed by thoughtful guitar, melodic bass, sweeping strings, and lush vocal harmony to create a sound that feels light and current whilst also feeling as weighty and old as the hill from which they take their name.

They are:

Siriol Davies (Vocals, Oboe)
John Ruddock (Guitar)
Colin Fletcher (Double Bass)
Jane Griffiths (Viola, Fiddle)
Giles Lewin (Fiddle)

Rholben image. 5 members or Rholben stood in front of a tall fence. There are 3 males, 2 females. They are all smiling / laughing. And one member on the right is pointing at the camera. Everyone else is holding their instruments (guitar, 2 violins, 1 oboe). And laying down on the floor (hardly in the frame) is a double bass.