Sunday 18th August 2024

Now in its 25th year, Rapsquillion, the award-winning but grizzled veteran of the Shropshire and mid-Wales folk music scene, has, in its various incarnations, been producing its own brand of close harmony music, mostly a capella and usually based on traditional words and music.

We used to describe ourselves as a ‘folk group’. The eclectic mix of our music now travels from 15th Century frottola to 21st Century ‘protest’ and on the way calls in on parody, traditional music from around the world, 1940’s jazz and the chapel hymn book, so we’re not sure what we are any more, other than a group of friends who enjoy spending time and making music together.

We do have a hard-won reputation for building gradually to a climax throughout a performance; our invigorating harmonies and rhythms are at their impressive best towards the ‘witching’ hour, when, bellies bloated and all cares and sheets to the wind we tear off our inhibitions and display our crinkled credentials to the world.

As purveyors of concerts, workshops, singarounds and the occasional CD, Rapsquillion continues to giggle its way through life with a highly contagious sense of fun, avoiding at all costs any semblance of knowing its place whilst tearing along the back straight of traditional music before skidding sideways in to smart-Alec arrangements and beautiful harmonies.

Rapsquillion image. Several members are onstage all with different types of red tops on.