Quinns Quinney

Thursday 15th & Sunday 18th August 2024
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15 years ago, some good chums thought it would be fun to play some silly songs and Quinns Quinney was born.

In their infancy the metaphorical QQ baby thrashed about wailing, cutting their emerging teeth on old skiffle songs they found on compilation CDs and tapes in charity shops, as they progressed and took their tentative first steps the group thought it might be funny to throw in some silly songs from their youth to mix things up.

The troublesome teenage years saw many faces come and go and some experimentation with some seriously long medleys. As the band matured, they settled on a more or less stable group of multi-talented musicians and boy did they get sharp!  

Many years have passed, some faces have come and gone but what remains is music played with a smile and tongues firmly in cheeks.

Quinns Quinney say they play silly songs in a serious way and serious songs in a silly way but these guys and gals can seriously get a barn moving. It might not be highbrow but they can sure as hell play. Fresh from the release of their long awaited and salivated over first/last/best Christmas Album; “Quinns Quistmas” released this summer (to monopolise the market they say), the band are ready once more to take to the barns at Purbeck dressed in stupid clothes. They would be delighted if you could join them….. Oh, and yell and chant stuff at them, cause they really love that.