Quinns Quinney

Thursday & Sunday

The band that you’ve been slowly watching age over the last 13 years are back and yes, you’ve guessed it; they have more kids. If you’ve not seen or heard them before let us help you get an idea of what to expect…it’s late, you’ve had one too many and you stumble into an old pub with low beams and a broken jukebox that keeps jumping between old timey music from the 1950’s and pop and rave classics from the 1990’s. In your confused haze you vaguely recognise one song or another but the arrangements sound like they’ve been orchestrated by a hedgehog with a degree in Baking Science and Technology. They are well known for having fun and smiling and a reviewer from the Daily Echo once stated “Quinns Quinney were worth making the effort to watch” at a festival with only one stage. Oh, and they love it when audiences chant and yell stuff at them, so do that.