Friday #PVFF21

Wendy Jane formerly of the ‘The Morrows’ folk duo went solo both musically and romantically in 2015 and since then has taken her broken heart and poured it into her new Music to write the album ‘A Song For Every Lover’. In it she has taken the archaic sound of the folk world and combined it with modern and world influences to bring fresh life into both traditional and self penned songs.

She has been collaborating with world musicians to find new ways to express the issues close to her heart such as the refugee crisis, climate and women’s rights. She uses harp, flutes, guitar, shruti box, percussion and piano to accompany her ‘haunting’ (Folkroots) and ‘beautiful’ (Martha Tilston) vocals and to bring something of the gentle feminine to the audience.

Most recently she has teamed up with the very talented Kez Hinton and Graham Wey (Coosticks), both songwriters in their own right, to form the band ‘Outlandish’. All three of them are vocalists and so the 3 part harmonies they provide are simply stunning to hear. This year they play for you with Elaine Richmond on percussion and harmonium and with a guest appearance from Sam Stockley on viola. Lie back, be soothed, be moved…