Murphy’s Lore Trio

Thursday 15th August 2024
#PVFF24, #PVFF23, #PVFF21, #PVFF19

Murphy’s Lore Trio are multi-instrumentalists Steve, Noeleen and Alex.  With two lead vocals; male and female, plus fiddle, bouzouki, 6 and 4 string guitar, mandolin, ‘Bass Stomp’, Bodhran and Whistle, their dynamic sound, wide-ranging repertoire, plus vocal and instrumental harmony arrangements, give them something quite unique amongst Dorset folk bands.

The Trio have been described as ‘greater than the sum of their parts’, with a growing reputation for live performances of songs and tunes that meld trad folk with attitude, they can be rousing and rollicking but also wistful and whimsical.

Murphy’s Lore Trio image. The trio (2 males, 1 female) are wearing hats with wild flowers / leaves / feathers on the rim. The male musicians are wearing colourful waistcoats and the female is wearing a dark green dress coat. We can see 1 musician holding a violin, another a whistle, and the third's instrument is out of shot.