Murphy’s Lore Trio

Happenstance is often a wonderful thing.

Alex and Noeleen happen to be in a duo as well as married. They happen to be in and run Bournemouth Ceilidh / Barn Dance band called Murphy’s Lore. The duo seemed to happily announce itself as ‘A Half Of Murphy’s’ because there are 4 in the band and so 2 is half! It also just happens that Steve Faulkner is a friend and fellow folk musician. We get on well and sometimes we need a ‘dep’ fiddle player for Murphy’s Lore. A meeting of minds and material was on the cards, so an offer to perform at Poole Hill Brewery, home of the excellent Southbourne Ales for a Paddy’s afternoon gig was a good enough reason to make the jump… 2 plus 1 equals a trio, who all have a connection, so instead of thinking of something too clever we just happened upon Murphy’s Lore Trio. Simple and correct.

We unashamedly don’t do our own material, we’re not song writers. But we do love traditional folk music, whether tunes or songs. Expect traditional stuff, with maybe a few surprises thrown in.

Alex and Noeleen have been Murphster’s for years, probably 20, and have been doing duo stuff for about 12. Noeleen plays guitar, whistle, and bodhran but is best known for her beautiful, clear and melodic vocal delivery, whilst Alex provides a ‘minimal, unfussy’ style on guitar, tenor guitar, some backing vocals, occasionally the mandolin and a stomp to lend some ‘oomph’ when needed.

Steve has earned his reputation over the years with ‘Cottage Industry’ (ceilidh band) as a vocalist with Poole Bay Shantymen and for the last few years as fiddler and vocalist with The Polly Morris Band and is also known to play Bouzouki. A very contrasting vocal style to Noeleen means we have broadened the range of material..

And here we are. Alex and Noeleen frequent the wonderful Purbeck Valley Festival.

Happenstance again. Perfect!