Moscow Drug Club

Sunday 18th August 2024
#PVFF24, #PVFF22

Transcendent Troubadours of Gypsy Latin & Swing

A heady and waggish mix of Jazz French musette Latin grooves and new Orleans Swing

Imagine having a few to drink and staggering arm in arm into the darkness of an eastern European cobbled street and stumbling into a bar where Django Reinhardt and Tom Waits are having an after-hours jam with the local Tziganes.

Combining their original material with songs by the likes of Jaques Brel, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen & Eartha Kitt, Moscow Drug Club deliver an intoxicating and intimate musical experience.

Moscow Drug Club image. 5 band members posing for a promo photo. They are stood in front of a stained glass window. All 5 of them are side on, resting one arm out on a table in front of them. Katya is in the centre wearing a bright pink suit. The rest of the band members are male, wearing black suits with brightly colour shirts.