Saturday 17th August 2024

Kíla fuse Irish (Gaeilge) lyrics, folk instruments; Fiddles, Uilleann pipes, Bodhrán, Bones and Woodwinds with Djembe, Congas, Drums, Mandolin, Brass, acoustic and electric guitars. The result is a fresh blend of freewheeling instrumentals, furious jigs, and primal rhythms that transcend the boundaries of traditional Irish music. Bristling with passion and energy!

Kíla celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2017 and continue to sound incredibly fresh and exciting. Formed at school in Dublin in the late 1980’s, they are heralded as one of Ireland’s most innovative and exciting bands. Their unique sound has continued to evolve. Rooted in tradition, yet inspired by a myriad of influences and ideas from across the world.

The band continue to bring their ‘energetic, creative and wildly exuberant music’ (France’s Trad Mag), to festivals across Europe

The band are riding high on the success of their 2016 album ‘Suas Síos’, the writing of the remarkable music for Cartoon Saloon’s Oscar nominated films; The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea, and the Emmy nominated documentary Ireland’s Wild River – The Secret Life Of The Shannon.

The band have produced 10 critically acclaimed studio albums and on St Patrick’s Day 2017, the long awaited Live album ‘Alive’, was released. Featuring fun and vibrant performances of favourite tracks from the vast Kíla back catalogue.


“One of the most beautifully euphoric live experiences” – BBC World Review

“Softly spoken off stage and complete lunatics on it, Kíla have torn up the rulebook with their wantonly eclectic mix of styles, Brilliant!” – Hot Press

“Whatever it is… this is it. Kíla are right there at the cusp of it… Somehow you get the feeling they lit the fuse for the big bang.” – Bono

8 members of Kíla are in the image, all with big smiles. They are inside a silver bullet style caravan. 3 of them are sat on a yellow sofa and the rest are either crouched to the side or stood behind the sofa. A few of them have drinks in hand and the silver caravan roof above them is creating a colourful reflection.