Sunday 20th August 2023

Kelp! shantymen are a small, eclectic group of men from Swanage in the Isle of Purbeck who have discovered the pleasure of singing sailor’s traditional working songs and raising money for good causes. They share a love of the sea and are drawn from a common background of local sailers, lifeboat volunteers and friends. 

Whilst Kelp! have more than 300 years of experience, most of it has nothing to do with singing shanties, or songs of the sea. Neither do they have any formal training or coaching, which is reflected in the authentic delivery of their working songs, ballads and duets which takes the audience back to tough times at sea and wild times in port.

Increasingly popular at local events over recent years, Kelp! has a wide appeal to young and old, their raw enthusiasm always proves infectious.

Kelp! image. 11 men stood on a stage singing. They have a backdrop of the jurassic coast and sea.