Jonny Phillips Trio

Sunday 20th August 2023 
#PVFF23, #PVFF22

After bringing a pot of indie rock to a simmer on the musical stove, The Jonny Phillips Trio throw in a pinch of prog, a couple of spoonfuls of blues, and maybe a psychedelic or two to create a tantalising one-pot wonder of explosive auricular fusion.
Musically guaranteed to satisfy the soul and body, some intricate songwriting will satiate the mind.
Since the release of ‘yin’ in early 2022, the JP3 set straight to work on the follow up EP ‘yang’ – which was released exactly a year later. With recent support slots for William The Conqueror and MY BABY, and festival slots coming in for 2023, the JP3 are set to keep on a steep upward trajectory.

The ‘yang’ EP is the positive, more personal side to 2022s more cynical, broader themed ‘yin’. Recorded partly in the studio, and partly in Jonny’s campervan, ‘yang’ has a rustic edge that is reminiscent of the folk-rock movement of the 60s, but puts a modern spin on that classic sound.

“Their new approach to a classic sound gives you both the comforting feeling of the familiar and the excitement of something new” – Right Chord Music