Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August 2024

Formed for an expedition to the uncharted bluegrass territory of Iceland, JÆJA is a contemporary acoustic quartet composed of four inquisitive young musicians, blending bluegrass, jazz, old time, and Nordic-folk influences to create their unique, unbridled sound.

Guitar powerhouse, Bragi Ólafsson from Reykjavik is joined by mandolin maestro Evan Davies (The Often Herd), jazz bassist Sam Quintana (Wandering Monster), and fiddle player Kieran Towers (Charlotte Carrivick / Pet Yeti) to create broody and blazing original instrumental music, paired with carefully chosen 3 part vocal favourites from Tony Rice to Paul Simon.

The four piece made headlines for performing the first ever bluegrass concert in the prestigious Harpa Concert Hall (Reykjavik) and received numerous nationwide airplay on Iceland’s Radio 1 following their headline performance at Siglofest in 2021.

Their debut album ‘JÆJA’ is “a masterful endeavour full of personality, charm, and virtuosic talent” (NARC Magazine) and will be released in summer of 2024.

Jaeja image. 4 male band members with their string instruments. There is a plain grey background.