Igloo Hearts

Saturday 17th August 2024

Hailing from Wrexham, the enchanting duo Igloo Hearts brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene. Comprising the talented married couple James (guitar/vocals) and Katie MacGregor (piano/vocals), their originality shines through their captivating sound.

At the core of Igloo Heart’s music are classical piano and mesmerising chord progressions, showcasing flawless harmonies and refined musicianship. Influenced by Jesca Hoop, Radiohead, and Kate Bush, their compositions blend classical elements with contemporary energy.

Having secured recognition as runners-up in the Purbeck Folk Rising Competition and Radio Wigwam’s Awards (Folk category), Igloo Hearts have also enjoyed numerous BBC Introducing radio plays. Their live performances, held at esteemed venues like the Liverpool Philharmonic, Llangollen International Eisteddfodd, and Focus Wales, exhibit a unique blend of intimacy and grandeur.

With their distinctive fusion of classical and modern influences, this duo creates a lasting impact on the listener with exciting yet beautiful ‘goosebump inducing’ performances.

Igloo Hearts image. Katie is on the left wearing a blue print shirt, and James is on the right wearing a green plaid top and green jacket. They are in front of large concrete steps.