Ian Prowse’s Amsterdam


Ian Prowse is a singer-songwriter from Merseyside, England who has formed two bands, Pele and Amsterdam.

He formed Amsterdam in 1999 with cousin Johnny Barlow and former Blow Monkeys drummer Tony Kiley but didn’t secure a record deal until September 2004 when the band were signed to new label Beat Crazy. During this time Amsterdam struck up a friendship with Elvis Costello who used Amsterdam as his backing band on the Jonathan Ross television show as well as opening act on several occasions.

On the back of celebrating his old Pele songs with two 25th anniversary tours, Prowse released a brand new album which includes ex-Pele members in spring 2019. Here I Lie took 18 months to make and used 17 magnificent musicians. The 11-song LP rivals anything in Ian’s 27-year career.