High Shelf Remedy

Saturday 17th August 2024
#PVFF24, #PVFF22, #PVFF21

Alt-Folk / Psy-Folk.

High Shelf Remedy are a Sultry indie rock band, tinged with trip hop and soaked in sass 💋

High Shelf Remedy seamlessly blend psychedelic folk, trip hop, dub, rock n roll and folk to create an original trip-rock sound. Their songwriting and lyrics are infused with awareness and social activism. ‘Dance in the Flames’ is an anthem to burn down the Patriarchy while ‘House Fire’ was written in response to Greta Thunberg’s infamous speech. There’s always something to take away. High Shelf Remedy have captivated a wide range of audiences, setting the dance floor alight at festivals, music venues, and parties.

Often danceable, always sing-along-able High Shelf Remedy have dazzled a wide range of audiences from festival crowds and music venues to community events. Performing on the Caravanserai stage at Camp Bestival, on the main stage at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, at Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, many of the UK’s alternative festivals, as well as Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion fundraisers and demonstrations.

Regular Purbeck visitors might remember High Shelf Remedy as The Fox and the Owl!

High Shelf Remedy image. 6 band members are posing for a photo. Two are in the foreground sat forward in big armchairs, and 4 are stood behind. 3 males, 3 females.