Gareth Lee & Annie Baylis


Gareth Lee & Annie Baylis are an up and coming acoustic folk duo from the South of Cornwall, they have been performing together since the start of 2014 and have been winning acclaim from both local and national sources including Folk Award winners Lau.
Following an uninspiring recording session in a well equipped studio, Gareth & Annie realised they were moving away from the very core reason for forming in the first place, and decided that in order to capture the intimacy present at their live shows the EP needed to be recorded in a different way. So recording for their debut EP ‘A Little Light’ was taken out of the traditional studio environment and relocated to a variety of spaces that afforded beautiful, natural acoustics. Rather bravely, the whole process was recorded live and without the spit and polish of so many overproduced offerings coming out these days the EP really shines for its stripped back honesty. The duo were accompanied by a string quartet for the recording process, playing parts written by BBC Concert Orchestra violinist Sarah Freestone, bringing the tunes to life and capturing something quite unique.