Sunday 18th August 2024

DUEA are Italian sisters Chiara and Sara Cesano.

DUEA is the stream that flows near the house where Chiara and Sara grew up, in a valley in the Piedmont mountains in northern Italy looking towards France.

The Varaita Valley is rich in traditions rooted in the melodies, rhythms and dances of popular music, an indispensable element of festivals. So DUEA’s music starts from those melodies, and arrives at original compositions for two violins and accordion, rich in contaminations with international folk and electronics.

The Duo formed in 2017 releases their first album DUEA in 2019. In 2022, the original track ‘Bobò’ was released, remixed in 2023 by Madaski to support the activities of the Fiordaliso Social Cooperative for women victims of violence.

From France to the island of Majorca, from Italy to Algeria, the two sisters take their music on the road. However, they have recently been refused participation as musicians at the most important festival in their home country, which until now had been reserved for men only: the Baìo di Sampeyre. This fact, made public by the sisters, has given much food for thought and in the musicians’ circles has called into question the complex meaning of tradition. For the time being, the question remains open.

Chiara and Sara promote folk music at 360 degrees, in addition to the duo project they dedicate themselves to teaching music to children and young people by directing and coordinating the Orchestra Ripopolare, which from 2021 has had around 60 young musicians.

Image of DUEA. In the centre of the image is a yellow bug car facing towards us. It is on a long dirt track with green grass either side. In the background is a tree and a blue and cloudy sky. Sat on either side of the bonnet of the car are the two members of Duea. They are facing towards each other and are both holding and playing a violin.