Sunday 18th August 2024

DUEA are Italian sisters Chiara and Sara Cesano.

‘Duea’ is the name of the stream flowing near the house where Chiara and Sara grew up – in a nice valley of Piedmont, really close to France. The Valley (Valle Varaita) is rich in folk traditions which characterise the tunes and the rhythms of popular dances. In the past, music and dances had an important role to mark the time, celebrations, and seasons. DUEA use these traditions and roots to create new original sounds and melodies, influenced by international folk and electronic music.

The duo, formed in 2017, released the first album DUEA in 2019. In 2022 they released an original composition “Bobò”, publishing it on many platforms and now they are creating a second album.

Travelling from the South of Italy to the North and even further to Mallorca Island (and now to Purbeck Valley Folk Festival!), the two sisters spread their music through concerts and courses, also focusing on teaching traditional music to younger people.

Image of DUEA. In the centre of the image is a yellow bug car facing towards us. It is on a long dirt track with green grass either side. In the background is a tree and a blue and cloudy sky. Sat on either side of the bonnet of the car are the two members of Duea. They are facing towards each other and are both holding and playing a violin.