Drew Allen


Drew Allen’s progression in music can be summed up as a short road with a lot of turns.

He started playing acoustic guitar at 8 years old, learning tabs from Bob Dylan chord books.

Influences quickly rained in from all directions and by the time he was 10, Drew was buzzing to power chord bands like Alice Cooper, and driving lead from Angus Young of AC/DC.

But as he moved into his teens, Drew kept coming back to acoustic influences. He loved the way blues and folk songwriters crafted out stories, but he also loved the way the worlds great guitarists could make their instruments talk.

As he searched for a sound he could make his own, Drew started writing and found a way to combine words and rhythm in a way that hasn’t been seen for decades.

His music is individual – a fusion of contemporary Folk and Indie, mixing wonderful lyrics with a switchblade style of acoustic guitar work that reaches out to audiences across differing ages and tastes.

Website: www.drewallen.co.uk