Danger Goat


Innovators in onstage story telling, Danger Goat is a high-energy music group drawing influence from a variety of genres from around the world. With their unique instrumentation and heavy grooves. Danger Goat promise to get everyone dancing no matter where they perform.

Dan Gray
A latecomer to the band, joining three years after its inception, Dan Gray has stomped his footprint on the group like few others could. With his raucous brand of trumpet playing coming to the forefront of Danger Goat’s sound, it was a match made in goaty heaven.

Siddhartha Lethbridge
The elder statesman of the group, Siddhartha Lethbridge wears many hats amongst the goats. Resident trombone player, auxiliary percussionist, storyteller, meditation expert and budding voice actor to name but a few, the Danger Goat landscape would be incomplete without this sneaky chameleon of a man.

Jon Newby
One of the founding fathers of the group, Jon “small boy” Newby is the talismanic head of the Danger Goat table. Whether it’s playing a cheeky trumpet tune or cooking up some chunky backings, Jon’s presence can always be felt on a Danger Goat track.

Toby Carswell
The musical driving force behind the group, Toby Carswell has been responsible for most of the Danger Goat bangers you hear today. When not humming the newest goaty tune, Toby can be found laying down some heavy basslines from his euphonium.

Seve Chuquivala
Seve “Slippy Fingo” Chuquivala’s silky clarinet playing can often be heard magically floating on top of Danger Goat’s sonic landscape. But don’t let his laid-back demeanor fool you, as his Peruvian musical upbringing makes “Slippy” one of the spiciest goats around.

Rhys Davies
The rhythmic wizard known as Rhys Davies sits behind the drum kit, feeding you the grooves that make sure your feet don’t stop moving throughout a Danger Goat gig. He is also the maestro behind all Danger Goat recordings, mixing and mastering the goaty tunes you know and love.