Cate Ferris


“While it would be easy to label Cate Ferris as just another singer/songwriter, this would be selling her short as the ingeniously crafted sonic jewels she embellishes her songs with clearly testify.

Armed with a simple musical arsenal that includes guitar, flute and keyboard, Ferris is also not averse to using old school technology in her performance such as a cassette recorder, megaphone and a charity shop found electronic FX box. To this set-up she also adds samples of her own live playing and vocals, steadily building up intricate layers of rhythm, reverb and electronic chorusing that creates the illusion of an imaginary band echoing behind her. With the pressing down of a foot pedal, however, the spell is immediately broken, before yet another entrancing song is pulled out from her seemingly bulging songbook.

Ferris’s special talent is partly in the tradition of such noble singer/songwriters as Kevin Ayers and John Martyn – while still retaining her own unique vision that is bristling with humanity and bold invention.”

A transfixing multi-layered musical voyage delivered with haunting,
‘goose-bumps-on-the-neck’ vocals.

Brighton based singer/songwriter CATE FERRIS is currently captivating audiences across the UK with her solo project, performing her amazing songs sung with an incredible voice. Folk and dark soul lie at the heart of her sound, and the largely acoustic instrumentation is tinged by hard hitting lyrics and intricate harmonies. Tipped by David Rodigan in the Independent as one of the best new up and coming artists, this past year has seen her work featured on BBC1 Xtra and her voice on prime-time television. A second EP is on the way and will be hitting the world in Spring 2014.

“We fell in love” – BBC Southern Counties