BARAKA is a unique combination of musicians from Ghana, Senegal, Dominica, Germany, Trinidad and Southern Ireland. Each musician contributes his individual sound and style – Reggae featuring a Kora and Djembe, Township with a Calypso bassline, Hilife with Blues Harmonica, Soca with Balafon and Flute. Baraka features musical collaborations that you are unlikely to hear with any other band. This is not just one person’s music translated by backing musicians, as so many “world” music bands seem to be. Baraka is edgy, experimental and innovative without losing sight of the fact that entertainment is the key.

BARAKA is fronted by Ben Baddoo, Master Drummer and Dancer from Ghana, on Percussion and Balafon, delivering a potent combination of driving rhythms and subtle vocals. Knud Stuwe from Germany adds his unique brand of funky guitar and vocals. Royston Gage from the Commonwealth of Dominica brings in the Caribbean influence on bass. Tony Bailey from Trinidad on drums delivers the rhythmic heartbeat, and Brendan Whitmore adds the finishing touches with some explosive Saxophone, Flute and Harmonica. BARAKA is regularly augmented by Special Guest Modou Cissoko from Senegal on Kora and Djembe

BARAKA have, since their formation, delighted audiences all over the country, as well as the occasional (so far) trip to Europe and Ireland. The band have recently finished working on their CD – “YOUR ARMS AROUND ME”. Baraka is truly a WORLD Music band, bringing together influences not only from Africa and the Caribbean, but also Germany and Southern Ireland.

BARAKA have recently filmed a cameo for Channel Four’s “SKINS”, playing the part of an African band backing a gospel choir. As well as writing a song for one of the featured characters to sing, BARAKA wrote, arranged and performed the gospel song featured in the episode. The programme was aired in February in the UK.

is a professional, independent, original, multi-cultural, multi-racial band with no affiliations to big business – so we have no incentives to offer except brilliant music. (Well, we might have t-shirts next year) All of our musicians now live in Bristol, so there are no problems with Immigration, work permits etc. So if you would like an high energy mixture of Hi-life, Township, Soca, Calypso and Reggae, Baraka is the one!!