Ballet Folk

Saturday 20th August 2022

The Tears of Jenny Greenteeth
A Folk Ballet presented by Deborah Norris’s Ballet Folk and Words from a Fiddlers Daughter / Ciderhouse Rebellion.

This is a tale from a time younger than ours, where love and forgiveness triumphantly overcome fear, sadness and greed. A tale where nature triumphs over the poison of industry. A Miller’s daughter is swept away in the mill race, her parents left transformed by grief. The people of Greenwater live in fear as their children disappear – suspecting that they are being taken and drowned by the Miller – whilst the devastated Miller’s husband creates an industrial complex and an army of workers, his skills as a magical toymaker transformed to pursue wealth. Many in the town benefit from the riches, but the society becomes more and more divided – a social wasteland begins to mirror the industrial one. An unexpected return precipitates change – but it is a race between disaster and redemption.