Alex and the Astro-Gnomes

Sunday #PVFF21

Andy and Alex Stone are a songwriting duo, who have been a couple for more than a decade, yet only recently have they brought each of their unique styles of songwriting and musicianship together. These are two very accomplished guitarists, and thanks to Andy’s arranging, together they create an intricate interweaving of sonic patterns and melodies. You couldn’t really put their style into any sort of genre category; whilst Alex’s songs are drawn from aspects of her own life, they have a sense of almost fantastical whimsy; and whilst Andy’s songs can be deliberately “pseudo-spiritual” at times, there is an overall feeling of depth and seriousness about them. Together they create a quirky and varied mix.

Andy has been a musician since leaving Warwick University in 1979.  He is a composer, producer, bassist and singer and has collaborated with many of his musician friends and family producing brilliant live gigs and many albums across genres including folk, rock, jazz and blues. He was a “Flaming Softie” in the 80s Bournemouth based band and in the nineties formed his own progressive rock band “The Inhabitants of Yip”. This year he released his prog-rock album, “The Pilgrim”.

Alex, a fine-artist, has been playing guitar and composing since the age of 16. She lived in Brittany during her teenage years where she was greatly inspired by the Breton culture. Her passion for folk music has never dwindled, and in fact she plays the fiddle, but not in public – yet!