Ma Polaine – Touki – Honey & the Bear – 3 AWESOME bands who you will not want to miss! 

Ma Polaine! 🤩🥳
We’ve had them before (Ma Polaine’s Great Decline – same band, shorter name!) and they always go down brilliantly, so it’s time we had them back!
With influences in blues, jazz and country Ma Polaine have drawn comparisons with many, with references to Billie Holiday, Tom Waits and a “moody Mary Margaret O’Hara”, yet Ma Polaine’s sound is very much their own. Beth’s distinctive, emotive vocals coupled with her evocative lyrics create a compelling mix of abstract tales, dark humour and raw beauty, whilst Clinton’s understated guitar style supports with rich chords and gritty riffs.
Touki: Amadou Diagne & Cory Seznec 🤩🥳😍
Amadou has joined us at Purbeck many moons ago with his beautiful kora playing and distinctive voice, and Cory is an awesome banjo and guitar player who is long overdue a visit to PVFF. When we heard this project we just had to book them. Their album has been the go to soundtrack at PVFF HQ for a while now. Take a listen for yourself…
Honey & The Bear! 🤩🥳
British folk and roots duo Honey & the Bear are songwriters Jon Hart (guitar, bass, bazouki) and Lucy Hart (guitar, ukulele, bass, banjo, mandolin & percussion). They combine delicately interweaving vocal harmonies with emotive and evocative songwriting. They’ll be playing as a 5-piece alongside Toby Shaer on whistles and violin (Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys, Cara Dillon), Evan Carson on percussion (Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys, The Willows, The Drystones) and Graham Coe on cello.