Fancy Dress

2015’s R-theme was brilliant – so many different things beginning with R – my favourites were the Rubiks cubes and the roadworks and the Russian dolls.

This theme for this year’s fancy dress Saturday is  the letter B
Think… Batman/girl, bobsleigh, bats, bunnies, beetles, Beatles, Braveheart, brownies, brides

There will be prizes for:
the best fancy-dressed big person,
the best fancy-dressed little person,
and the best fancy dressed team.

So, have a think and we’ll all be in our best B themed fancy dress on the Saturday – and in the afternoon we’ll all gather together at the Fire Stage to see what you’ve come up with.

And if you don’t want to get up for the parade, you can join in by wearing something blue/beige, or your favourite brogues/bikini/burka!