Fancy dress theme – the Letter E

This year's Fancy dress theme has been announced! In case you didn't guess ( after a PuRB themes), this year's theme is... THE LETTER E Think... eggs, elephant, ET, egg, eskimo, Egyptian, Easter bunny, Elsa (Frozen), The Elephant Man, Ear, Eagle, Elvis, Elf …or...

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Just booked! Turin Brakes

Yes!!! They were so good last time we booked them, back in 2014, that we decided to invite them back to Purbeck again. We had so much good feedback, and festival-goers saying that it was their favourite gig of the festival, how could we not? And so this year they will...

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Just booked… BADLY DRAWN BOY!!!!

Yes! Badly Drawn Boy are set to headline the Sunday night of Purbeck this year. This is epic!!! Instantly recognisable with his trademark beard and bobble hat, it’s been announced that award-winning musician Badly Drawn Boy will headline the Sunday night of this...

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